AdvLaw has expertise in litigation matters. ADVLAW’s approach emphasizes on the practical understanding of our clients’ business problems and accordingly adopting the best mode to address such problems.
AdvLaw has a dedicated team of lawyers representing clients in the Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, National Commission, State Commissions, District Forums, DRT, DRAT, CAT, Company Law Board, BIFR, AAIFR and other judicial & quashi judicial forums and tribunals. The litigation team has been profitably exposed to a variety of issues under all branches of law. The firm also has some of the finest legal brains with profound experience of decades on its panel. Our proactive approach, commercial acumen combined with technical expertise defines our outlook. It is a well established practice in India to engage Senior Advocates to argue important matters. The firm, whenever necessary and in the interest of the client, engages the most appropriate Senior Advocate.

AdvLaw strategises advice to the clients providing comprehensive analyses of the issues and efficient litigation management on all type of civil, Banking, Commercial, Corporate, Constitutional, Service & Employment, Consumer, Matrimonial & Personal Law litigation such as:

  • Litigation in respect of the employment related issues under service, employment and labour laws i.e. the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, Factories Act, 1948, Contract Labour (R&P) Act, Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, Employee’s State Insurance Act etc.
  • Litigation under Banking Acts including recovery suits, 138 Matters, SARFASAI Proceedings, Arbitration;
  • Litigation under business & commercial laws including commercial contract disputes, specific performance of commercial contracts, recovery of debts, damages & other monetary claims;
  • Proceedings under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996;
  • Constitutional litigation and writ matters;    
  • Civil Litigation including traditional civil suits, Injunction suits, Title suits and claims, enforcement & execution of Indian & Foreign decrees etc;
  • Recovery litigation including, Summary Recovery Suits, Ordinary recovery suits, Matters at DRT & DRAT, Criminal proceedings for dishonour of cheques, Proceedings under SARFASI Act etc.
  • Litigation in respect of Intellectual Property Rights including Infringement & Passing Off actions, Injunction & protection of IPR actions, Damages & rendering of account suits;
  • Consumer disputes including Insurance, injury & other monetary claims.
  • Disputes under Company Laws including Shareholders & Directors dispute, Requisite approvals from CLB, Winding up proceedings, Approval for the merger/amalgamation scheme etc. and proceedings before BIFR, AAIFR.
  • Litigation related to commercial, economic and cyber offences.

Matrimonial disputes, divorce and other disputes under matrimonial and personal laws.

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