AdvLaw’s employment law practice entails providing informed, confidential advice on the full range of labour and employment related issues.
We ensure that our experience and resources help in keeping you updated on developments in labour laws and making our clients understand the practical impact of such development on our clients’ business.
Employment Documentation: AdvLaw assists clients in preparing the entire set of the employment dossier, viz., Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Employment Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Invention Assignment Agreement, Employee Handbook, Grant Letter, Resignation Letter, Termination Letter, etc.

Labour Law related Advisory Services: We advice on all labour and employment matters, including but not limited to implications relating to non-adherence of the restrictive provisions in employment contracts (non solicit and non compete obligations), protection of confidential and proprietary information by imposing adequate and enforceable obligations on employees, compensation payable for overtime hours, mandatory holidays and leave applicable to employees, procedure to be adopted for retrenching and terminating employees, payment of statutory entitlements (provident fund, gratuity, ESI etc.).Labour and Compliance Audits: In order to ensure sound corporate governance, AdvLaw assists clients in conducting due diligence to ensure compliance with applicable labour laws. Accordingly, AdvLaw assists the clients in rectifying and correcting any lacunae which are highlighted in the due diligence exercise.

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